Thursday, June 14, 2012

Current Art Exhibit at the Bamboo Grove: Photographs by Liang Liang, Paintings/Stencils by Wellen Glenn, and Etchings by Megan Stumpfig!

We have three young, brilliant artists currently showing at the Bamboo Grove! Their work is very distinctive from one another, but they work well to compliment each other.

Liang Liang is a photographer, born in China and living in Oregon. She has 95 photographs exhibited at the Grove, displaying moments taken in New York, Portland, China, and San Francisco over the course of 2011. More of her work and her business can be seen here.

Wellen Glenn has several pieces showing at the Grove, all stenciled and painted in multicolors.

Megan Stumpfig is a 23 year-old artist, studying art at Portland State University. The pieces she has exhibited here are primarily etchings. To see more of her work, click here.

Come down to the Bamboo Grove to see their art! It is only up until the end of the month, because we have a new series of artists who will be here on the First Friday event.

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